Whale Watching and Whaler’s Museum in Hawaii

Whale watching is one of Hawaii’s most popular attractions. And there are ample opportunities afforded by the state’s many tour operators. But before you go, learn a little bit about a time when these amazing creatures were followed not for a photo shot, but a harpoon one.

Whaler’s Museum

Located in a popular shopping mall, the Whaler’s Museum presents a cornucopia of information about the world’s largest sea mammal. Continue reading Whale Watching and Whaler’s Museum in Hawaii

Hawaii: USS Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri Tour

On Dec 7, 1941 planes from Imperial Japan torpedo-bombed U.S. Navy ships at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During the attack over a thousand sailors lost their lives on the USS Arizona alone, which sank under the barrage.

After the end of WWII efforts began to build an appropriate memorial to the battleship Arizona and her lost crew. Those efforts finally bore fruit in 1962 with the USS Arizona Memorial.

A 184 ft/56m long, covered bridge-like structure bowed in the middle, it houses a museum that can hold over 200 visitors as well as a shrine to the departed. The structure spans the length of the sunken ship, parts of which can be seen underneath the water, along with oil which continues to seep out of the wreckage over 65 years later. Continue reading Hawaii: USS Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri Tour

The Dole Plantation Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t best known for amusement parks. But the Dole Plantation offers one that, like many things in Hawaii, is a little bit different. That, and a dozen other fascinating things to see and do here make this attraction one of the state’s continuing best.

Dole is known worldwide for producing and selling pineapple. James Drummond Dole arrived in Hawaii in 1899 to do just that. But, ironically, the fruit is not a native species. It is believed to be an import from Brazil or Paraguay, carried here in the 16th century by Spanish traders who arrived on the islands during one of their many voyages. Continue reading The Dole Plantation Hawaii

The Bishop Museum Hawaii

Hawaii is best known for its many outstanding outdoor activities. In a natural paradise filled with extraordinary beaches, outstanding falls and amazing volcanoes it could hardly be otherwise. Yet, it does offer some truly fine museums as well. One of the foremost, which would merit a visit in any city, is the Bishop Museum.

Located in Honolulu, the outdoor grounds and building facade alone make the trip worthwhile. A large open grassy area highlights a 19th century structure that resembles the Natural History Museum in New York. But the 50-foot palm trees make it clear you are nowhere near Manhattan. Continue reading The Bishop Museum Hawaii

Scuba Diving Sites in Hawaii

Hawaii offers some of the finest scuba diving opportunities anywhere in the world. It has all the variety of a Polynesian paradise like Fiji combined with the most modern facilities and world-class guides.

Thanks to year round warm waters, it’s possible to schedule a dive in Hawaii in any season. That makes it more cost effective to travel here than some other locations, such as Tahiti or Australia. Though they have mild climates, too, airline and hotel costs vary more for them throughout the year.

But the benefits go well beyond saving a few dollars. There are unparalleled dive locales and types all within easy travel. Continue reading Scuba Diving Sites in Hawaii

Explore Hawaii’s Caves and Falls

There’s something intriguing about the idea of exploring Hawaii’s highs and lows, its fascinating caves and spectacular falls. Luckily, just as with the state’s outstanding beaches, there are no end of options.


The Kula Kai Caverns and Lava Tubes off Hwy 11 in Ocean View are a prime example. A two-hour spelunking tour is led by an expert guide. Crawling along and up these long lava tubes with helmet and gloves is far more exciting than coal mining and a lot less messy. Continue reading Explore Hawaii’s Caves and Falls

Hawaii Diamond Head, Peak of Excitement

Diamond Head State Monument, located in Oahu, is one of Hawaii’s biggest tourist attractions. It isn’t hard to see why. To the geologists it might just be a ‘pyroclastic cinder cone generally comprised of a friable tuff-type soil structure’, whatever that means. To tourists, Diamond Head is the summit of volcanic excitement.

Named by English sailors in the 19th century who found calcite crystals they mistook for diamonds, it is Hawaii’s most recognizable landmark. Its diameter covers over 3,500 ft/1067 m. At its pinnacle, it is 760 feet/232 m high at Le’ahi Peak. Continue reading Hawaii Diamond Head, Peak of Excitement

Cycling Tours Around The Hawaii Islands

Many who vacation in Hawaii just want to lie in the sun and relax. Nothing wrong with that. But there are many others who come to this island state to engage in vigorous activities in an environment they simply can’t find elsewhere.

Scuba diving, hang gliding, rock climbing, hiking and more are all popular here. But few sports-oriented vacationers are quite as fanatical about their chosen love as cyclists. And, given the natural beauty they ride through, one can hardly be surprised.

Cycling is so popular here that if a visitor didn’t want to rent a bike, he or she could buy one and sell it back with ease before they left. So, there’s no reason to complain that rentals just don’t offer the perfect option. Continue reading Cycling Tours Around The Hawaii Islands

Hawaii Boat Tours and Shark Encounters

As an island state, Hawaii offers visitors some of the best boat tours around. That can mean cruising around to see the excellent sights along the coast or out at sea, such as whale watching. Or, it can mean getting off the boat to experience a real shark encounter.

Several of the major cruise lines, and hundreds of smaller boat operators offer tours around and between Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai and the other islands. Along the way cruisers (as the passengers are called) get to enjoy all the amenities these ships have to offer. And that’s quite a lot. Continue reading Hawaii Boat Tours and Shark Encounters

Andalucia – The Pride of Spain

Madrid, Barcelona. These are among the most well-known and sought after vacation spots in Spain. But there is another region, one on the Mediterranean that deserves equal time: Andalucia. Here, tourists will find a golden land, filled with things to do that even experienced travelers will find new and surprising.

There is the mighty port city of Cadiz, in the province of the same name. With roots stretching back to the Phoenicians 3,000 years ago, it’s no surprise that the sights cover the period since. The fine arts museum and the famed cathedral, completed in the 19th century, are only two of the more recent. Continue reading Andalucia – The Pride of Spain