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Free – Frugal Travel Paris

Europe is sometimes cruel to tight pockets, but if you are observant, in fact there are many free and inexpensive things that can be enjoyed, including at the fashion city as caliber as Paris.

Chimera Statue - Notre Dame, Paris. Eiffel Tower Background

Free Museum

Paris is the storehouse of the world famous museums. Two of them are are the Louvre and Orsay. Despite having to pay expensive tickets and lining up for a long time, being able to see Mona Lisa smile is an unforgettable experience.

The good news is, all the museums in Paris allow free admission on the first Sunday of each month. The line was still long, but free at least.

Free Lockers

Imagine the following situation: you have checked out the hotel, but the departure time to the next town is still long. Instead of sitting idle you choose a walk, but you are reluctant to carry bags or pay locker rent.

The solution is, leave luggage at the luggage care counter in Louvre Museum. It’s on the inside of the main pyramid, not far from the museum entrance. Not only jackets and umbrellas, backpacks and luggages can be deposited, free of charge until six o’clock PM. Read more…

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