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Park Avenue New York

Park Avenue New York – through the 1930s was known as ‘the street where the rich people lived’. To have an apartment there was ‘to have arrived’. When you arrive you’ll see fewer apartments and a new kind of ‘rich people’ – multi-national corporate headquarters.

Park Avenue New York, 2006

Park Avenue New York, 2006

Some of the world’s most deservedly well-known architecture is sited along this wide boulevard that, for tourism purposes begins at Grand Central Station. Read more…

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Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC

Completed in 1868, Prospect Park is Frederick Law Olmstead’s second masterpiece – and easily the rival of his first, Central Park.

Located in Brooklyn, the 526 acre (2.1 square km) public park contains within its borders more things to see and do than many large cities.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Fall 2008

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Fall 2008

The entrance at Grand Army Plaza alone is worth the trip. Looking very much like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the large arch topped by a magnificent bronze sculpture is a fitting tribute to the Civil War. The 80-foot arch even covers an art gallery.

Around the arch is a series of statues of historical figures, including one of John F. Kennedy. The entire display is well complimented by the nearby Bailey Fountain.

The Plaza also hosts the Green Market, where every Saturday shoppers look for fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods and a variety of other delights. Read more…

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Bronx Zoo Map, Directions and Brief History

There are two type of Bronx Zoo map in this page: The map of the zoo itself and the map direction to the zoo (look at the bottom of the page).

Since it first opened its gates in 1899 the Bronx Zoo has been the world’s premier destination for viewing animals from the world over.

At that time, the zoo exhibited 843 animals – the Wildlife Conservation Society organization now houses over 4,500 on 265 acres. Those thousands, mostly in outdoor settings in re-created habitats, comprise more than 600 unique species.

Bronx Zoo Map

Map of the Bronx Zoo - Image credit: Click for larger view.

And unique they are. Everything from the False Gharial (a kind of crocodile) to African wild dogs and Asian Small-Clawed Otters and Herbie the harbor seal are here.

The Congo Gorilla forest habitat is one of the more recent, but also one of the best, displays. Similar to the efforts of the justly world-famous San Diego Zoo, the caretakers have provided the primates with a setting almost indistinguishable from their native area. Read more…

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