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Queen Sofia Art Center

Located at Calle Santa Isabel 52, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is just the ticket for fans of Picasso, Miro, Solana and other notable Spanish artists.

A relatively young museum, established in 1991, the Queen Sofia contains hundreds of works by dozens of artists, including the famed Guernica by Picasso. As a result it is now ranked among the most important collections in modern art in Europe.

Unusual for a museum dedicated to modern art, the collection is housed in a building designed in the 18th century. Scheduled to be demolished, it was declared an historic monument in 1977 and eventually was re-purposed to its present use. Read more…

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Retiro Park Madrid

While Parque del Buen Retiro (at about 300 acres) is much smaller than New York’s Central Park (840 acres) it is nonetheless magnificent. Filled with beautiful sculpture and monuments, a peaceful lake and host to a variety of events, it is rightfully one of Madrid’s premier attractions.

The park grounds were once the province of a royal palace of Phillip IV. Evidence of that remains in the form of the Casón Del Buen Retiro and the Museo del Ejército. The remaining buildings were decimated largely by the Napoleonic wars around the beginning of the 19th century. Read more…

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Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

The Plaza Mayor remains one of Madrid’s chief tourist attractions. Though called by many names over the centuries and subject to several fires, it retains its allure. The reasons are not hard to find. While not an architectural work of art, the plaza is one of the best places in Madrid to relax and watch the blend of citizen and visitor.

Over the centuries the plaza has hosted bullfights, political battles, festivals and more than one beheading. Today, the most likely site for a tourist lazily munching on a sandwich and enjoying the sunshine. The surrounding shops offer a good reason for a pleasant stroll and for the truly curious, you can visit the baker’s guild. Read more…

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