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Chicago – The Windy City Adventure

No matter what your interests, if you can’t find it in Chicago consider staying home. Whether your taste runs to Shakespeare or meerkats, food or Jazz, airy museums or dank coffee houses, this city has everything – in spades.

Landscape photograph of Chicago, Illinois. Taken from Shedd Aquarium. by Chris TaylorFor those who enjoy fine arts, The Art Institute offers one of the best collections to be found anywhere in the world. Though much smaller than the Metropolitan in New York or the Louvre in Paris, the paintings and other objects on display are second to none. Read more…

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Things to Do In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is situated at the narrow entrance to the Mediterranean Sea on one side of the well-known Straits of Gibraltar. Across the water a dozen miles away lies Northern Africa. Far from a mere geological outcropping, the city is a fascinating mixture of Spanish and British culture.

The Rock of Gibraltar, of course, is famous. But that fame derives from much more than merely being a curiosity in a large body of crystal blue water.

Among other things, it is the home to several tribes of Barbary Macaques, tailless monkeys who were carried here centuries earlier by traders. The only wild monkeys in Europe, these residents of The Rock freely make their way around among the humans, stealing ice cream and cameras when they can. Tourists, be on guard. Read more…

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Andalucia – The Alhambra

During the centuries the Moors ruled most of Spain, including Andalucia, they built numerous palaces and fortresses in the style of their original country (Morocco, hence the name Moor). But no example is more magnificent than the Alhambra citadel in Granada. The series of palaces and gardens, including the famed Generalife at the base outside, is justifiably among Spain’s most often visited sites.

Standing at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, visitors gain a spectacular view of the city in the valley below. Looking up at the Alhambra from town is an equally awesome sight. Driving through the Puerta de las Granadas, past the enormous triumphal arch built in the 15th century, one enters a world of splendor.

But walking within its walls is best of all. Read more…

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Andalucia – Things to Do In Granada

Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia, Granada is a smallish city of fewer than half a million. Yet there are more things to see and do here than in some cities ten times its size. Once part of the kingdom of Castile, it is now one of Spain’s best tourist meccas.

Not least of the attractions is The Alhambra, one of the most often visited sites in all Europe.

Built chiefly from 1338 to 1390, it served as the royal residence for many generations afterward. From the 740 meter (2400 feet) high terrace one gains a view of Granada which is matched only by the Mirador de San Nicolas at the other end of the city.

One of the most outstanding sights, a difficult choice among so many, is the Read more…

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